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Restoration Bar

Your jewellery pieces needs proper care and maintenance just like any other wardrobe items. It’s only natural for your jewelry to wear off or tarnished over the course of time and usage.

For this reason, [in]trigue offers extensive attention in creating the restoration bar exclusively for our customers. A lifetime restoration service for all damages, along with an experienced repair & care team specialized in all areas of jewellery restoration.

We want our jewellery to continue being a part of your lifestyle rather than hidden in a box, and for you to enjoy your [in]trigue jewellery for years to come.



All repairs requests must be informed through email at

After assessment, we will send an estimate quotation for the restoration process. If acceptable, the customers may ship the items to our restoration bar for thorough assessments.



Please allow 3-5 weeks for assessments and restoration.

Mineral stones and pearls repair are based on the availability of the materials. Stones may require more time for assessments and restoration due to its specific craftsmanship and the availability of stones used.

Plating is only available for the same purchased color.

Please note that some repairs and replacements might require new plating.

For any questions about repairs please contact

[in]trigue retains the right to deny unreasonable repairs.