Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping

We understand the challenges some may face when shopping online.

To assist you in making the best possible decision before you make a purchase on we are glad to offer a Personal Shopper service that provides the following:

Detailed advice on sizing

If the information provided in our Sizing Guides sections does not suit you, we will walk you through the process of deciding on the most likely size for you or for your gift recipient. Write to us at .

Which jewellery suits me better?

We would like you to feel comfortable and confident wearing our jewellery. If you are undecided on which jewellery styles suit you and need a second opinion, write to us at and we will try our best to assist you.


Gift Giving

If you want to surprise someone without getting an item she may not like, we can take all the stress out of making her happy. Write to us at for recommendations and gift wrapping.

Size Chart
If you're having trouble with knowing the right size for rings or necklaces, use the size charts below to help you.

Our Rings all are in USA sizing. The chart below is for conversion of ring sizing if you know your ring size in another country's measurement.
Do take note of measuring your knuckles too to ensure that the ring can pass through it! 
For the best way to know your size, we would recommend using the diameter size chart (second chart) or trying out rings at a store.
Alternatively, you could also use this website to measure your current ring size -