[in] Story

[in]trigue is a conceptual jewellery line, reimagining architecture, travels, art and culture. Interpreting to intrigue and inspire, creating infinite possibilities and bringing out one’s individuality.

Using different jewellery making processes, from traditional silversmithing, lost-wax casting techniques to 3D print models, each piece intricately handcrafted by our team of skilful craftsmen. 

The use of natural and untreated gemstones, in both raw and polished forms, adds an interesting element and form to the jewellery pieces and celebrates Mother Nature at its best. Each piece is unique, with its own form and inclusions, perfect in its imperfections.


About our Designer

Inquisitive, that is how Jaime is.

Being an architect, her academic and professional background, together with her love for travel, art and culture, influences her designs.

In architecture, Jaime believes in creating spaces that enhance user experiences, to constantly question and push the boundaries and explore different angles. In her jewellery designs, she believes the same, to have a unique identity and something that people can spark conversations with.

Experimenting using different media and methods, from traditional silversmithing, lost-wax casting to 3D print-based models, in her jewellery making process allows her to achieve endless creativity. She incorporates gemstones in her designs as she simply loves the way the stones are being formed and the colours they can be found in. It allows her to give her jewellery a different dimension.

She also enjoys getting involved in other creative projects, which includes interior designs, wedding decorations and graphic designs.



Size Chart
If you're having trouble with knowing the right size for rings or necklaces, use the size charts below to help you.

Our Rings all are in USA sizing. The chart below is for conversion of ring sizing if you know your ring size in another country's measurement.
Do take note of measuring your knuckles too to ensure that the ring can pass through it! 
For the best way to know your size, we would recommend using the diameter size chart (second chart) or trying out rings at a store.
Alternatively, you could also use this website to measure your current ring size -