A New Look for [in]TRIGUE

by [in]TRIGUE . December 03, 2014

A new look for [in]TRIGUE and a good start to the year 2015!

[in]TRIGUE has been running for about 3 years now. Before [in]TRIGUE, it was named Little Orange Seed. This started during my college days when I started selling on Etsy, satisfying my urge to create my own accessories.


Now with my recent obsession with semi-precious stones, I put them together to create wearable jewellery. I am also working with jewellery makers to create unique and interesting pieces.


Having an architectural background, I love working with geometric shapes, and I have started drawing up my own jewellery designs. I am currently working with Cambodian artisans to create my jewellery designs using recycled bombshells. This is in support of fair trade and also to promote sustainability.


Though I love to be concentrating on just jewellery for my store, but I cannot resist chancing upon unique jewellery or bag designers and featuring them on [in]TRIGUE. So occasional collaborations with jewellery or bag designers will be added on to the collection.


Have a great 2015 ahead!

[in]TRIGUE .
[in]TRIGUE .


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