Putting together the raw stone, side by side with the polished, refined stones, 'unveiling' the rawness of the main character. This also emulates the idea that everyone has a 'raw' side and should not be afraid to unveil it. 

Everyone is perfect in their own imperfections, so embrace it!

Size Chart
If you're having trouble with knowing the right size for rings or necklaces, use the size charts below to help you.

Our Rings all are in USA sizing. The chart below is for conversion of ring sizing if you know your ring size in another country's measurement.
Do take note of measuring your knuckles too to ensure that the ring can pass through it! 
For the best way to know your size, we would recommend using the diameter size chart (second chart) or trying out rings at a store.
Alternatively, you could also use this website to measure your current ring size - findmyringsize.com